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China Construction Bank Corporation New York BranchCCBNY received a branch license from the New York State Department of Financial Services in February 2009 and opened for business in July of 2009.The opening of the NY branch marked the establishment of CCB’s first branch in the Americas.The NY branch specializes in comprehensive wholesale banking business including Corporate Banking,Trade Finance, Treasury products, Time & Demand Deposits and USD clearing. CCBNY provides extensive financial products and services to our customers and strives to achieve significant business development,especially by increasing its local market share of RMB trade settlement. Based on the advantageous location of New York, the dominant financial markets in the world, and CCB’s strong customer base in China, CCBNY offers various supports and products for our customers to expand business both into China and the US, playing a significant role in facilitating bilateral economic and trading activities.

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        Corporate Banking

Tel: 1-646-781-2450/2451

E-mail: CCBNY.CorporateBanking@ccbny.com

        Financial Institution

Tel: 1-646-781-2486/2425

E-mail: CCBNY.FI@ccbny.com

        Treasury Service

Tel: 1-646-781-2490/2446

E-mail: CCBNY.Treasury@ccbny.com


Tel: 1-646-781-2400


E-mail: WEB.Info@ccbny.com