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We provide competitive rates across the maturity curve for corporate and wholesale funding products. We offer a range of products, including structured and floating Yankee Certificate of Deposit Program, Commercial Paper Program, inter-bank Time Deposits. CCB NY executes both directly and through the Broker-Dealer market. While CCB NY recognizes the value of marketing and distribution through the broker dealer community, we place a top priority to develop direct relationships with all our investors.

      Interest Rate Swaps

      Yankee Certificate of Deposit (CD)

A certificate of deposit issued by a foreign bank in the United States, generally  used by institutional and large investors looking to invest funds in instruments with a relatively high degree of safety, although they are unsecured. “Minimum maturity is 7 days.

      Commercial Paper (CP)

An unsecured, short-term debt instrument issued by a corporation, typically for the financing of accounts receivable, inventories and meeting short-term liabilities. Maturities on commercial paper rarely range any longer than 270 days. The debt is usually issued at a discount, reflecting prevailing market interest rates.

      Demand Deposit

      Time Deposit

An interest-bearing bank deposit that has a specified date of maturity. There are penalties for early withdrawals.