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A primary objective of CCB NY is to expand the bank’s global footprint. To that end one of CCB NY’s core strategies to expand our customer base to provide credit to those qualified Chinese customers seeking to expand into the Americas market place as well as those major US and Americas based corporations seeking to deepen relationship tied with China.

CCB NY offers the follow corporate banking products:

Bilateral Loan

Bilateral loan facilities are more intimate and can be more flexible in nature in that the facility is tailor made between the Borrower and CCB NY.   Such facilities can be designed to meet the financing needs of clients to support daily operations (i.e. general corporate purposes) or be earmarked for a specific purpose (i.e. capital project). 

Syndicated Loan

As the NY “USD money center” branch of one of the largest banks in the world, CCB NY can provide significant underwriting commitment to our preferred credit customers.  CCB NY participates in Shared National Credits and can provide commitments to various syndicated structures including but not limited to the following facility types:

Funded vs. Unfunded, Revolving vs. Term Loan Facilities, Straight USD vs. Multi-currency, Secured vs. Unsecured.

Asset-backed Loan

CCB NY can offer credit facilities based on an asset-backed structure where assets pledged as collateral by the Borrower thereby availing itself to more accessible and often cheaper credit terms.  Acceptable collateral may include real estate, accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, or a combination thereof.

Merger and Acquisition Financing

CCB NY can provide bridge or term financing to acquirers or their subsidiaries for the capital needs in merger and acquisition transactions.   At the clients’ request CCB NY can also refer investment banking solutions to our CCB International who can provide advisory service and potential capital markets solution.

Real Estate and Construction Lending

CCB is one of the largest real estate lenders in China. Our head office’s strategic clients include major Chinese real estate developers and institutional investors. CCBNY seeks to leverage our home markets competencies to provide a locally based solution to meet customer needs. We offer structured balance sheet solutions including construction, repositioning, interim and permanent loans.

CCB NY is equipped to provide financings for the following asset types in major gateway cities:






Structured/Project Finance Loan

CCB NY selectively provides financing solution for particular uses including those designed for implementation of project content, including but not limited to aircraft financing and infrastructure development.