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USD Clearing

Efficient, Accurate and reliable USD Clearing Services

As a member of the two principal USD payment systems CHIPS and Fedwire and accomplished by a state of art in-house developed Global Multi-currency Payment System, CCB provides real-time settlement services for USD payments via the most appropriate payment system, CHIPS, Fedwire or via book transfer; CCB teams (Beijing and New York) process a 21.5 hour non-stop USD Clearing service as well as inquiry service covering all time zones.

Key features

1. Clearing Excellence

Extended processing day (21.5 hours) for USD payments that enable you to complete more same-day global payments

Same-day real-time process for Asian time payments

Over 97% Straight Through Process (STP) rate

USD clearing center for China Construction Bank Group, processes 96% of USD payments from CCB and over 1 million transactions annually

2. State of art in-house developed GMPS system

In-house developed Global Multi-currency Payment System (GMPS) is CCB’s integrated payment process platform for both CCB mainland China branches and CCB overseas’ institutions, as well as the platform for HKD settlement bank of Mainland Foreign Currency Payment System and USD settlement bank of China foreign exchange system, which was appointed by the People’s Bank of China and the Shanghai Clearing House separately

Automatically choose book transfer, CHIPS or Fedwire payment channels

Automatically correct the error messages and convert the payment format

3. Innovative and comprehensive operational solutions and services

Tiered fee schedule and competitive prices; automatically split the payment messages subject to the beneficiary banks to avoid the inter-bank charges for the remitters

Chinese and English bilingual client services provided by Beijing and New York team covering all time zones

Full range of clearing products such as full payment, credit cards clearing and Asian time priority payments

Online banking --- self-service inquiry and reporting tools

4. Business resiliency

Centrally maintained and supported by CCB Head Office with 24 hour IT support

Robust contingency and disaster recovery capabilities that are regularly tested

5. Liquidity Strength

Guarantees and full support from the Parent Bank

Intra-day and overnight Overdraft facilities*

Re-finance and treasury services

*Subject to credit line between us.

6. Broad clearing network

RMA relationship with over 1100 banks

Continuously increasing correspondent banks enables a good book transfer rate 

Clearing Bank Information

Bank NameChina Construction Bank New York Branch


Fedwire ABA026014685


Contact Info

Tel: 1-646-781-2486/2425

Fax: 1-212-207-8288